Artist Statement

In the drawing above, Dawn Hunter re-creates a mini self-portrait from Cajal's first sketchbook from Valencia. She juxtaposes those images by recreating Cajal's neuron drawings and drawings silhouettes of cast shadows from the original mold of Cajal's death mask. The work is comprised of ink, pen, and gold leaf on paper.

I work in my studio every day and drawing in my sketchbook is essential to my daily routine. It is how I know and relate to the world. Some days I make one drawing other days, I make as many as ten. These drawings often are of my immediate surroundings, like the landscape, or of people I know. There are too many of these drawings to post on my web site. I routinely post a sampling of these on drawings on my blog:

Aside from my sketchbook routine, I engage in long term projects that manifest as a thematic series. I am drawn to compelling subject matter, and subjects with a strong identity or familiarity with the masses within culture. Details found within the information, facts, and references are mutually exclusive from artistic expression, interpretation, and content conceptualization. There are many tellings/retellings of Cinderella. The basic information is the same in each story. What is important in each retelling are the details and the context in which the subject has been re-conceptualized - How is the same content focused differently? What details remain? How are the details organized? How do new ideas sit next to one another to generate a new perception of experience-rich in their own unique and highly identifiable textures? Reconceptualization is vital because that is the tapestry of insight that makes Cinderella's retelling significant or not. Therefore, I find it essential to begin researching new subjects within my art through intuition and inference while examining facts. Through the creative process, I like to investigate, discover, reconsider, and explore. I find that by doing so, I can expand dialogue and delve into new territory.