Birthday Cake, graphite, ink and pen on paper, 26" x 40", 2010
The Magician, graphite, ink and pen on paper, 26" x 40", 2010
Smooth Operations, graphite, ink and pen on paper, 30" x 44", 2010
See How You Appear to Others, graphite, ink and pen on paper, 30" x 44", 2009
Baby Elephant, graphite, ink and pen on paper, 19" x 24", 2009
Unnatural Equation, graphite, ink and pen on paper, 12" x 24", 2009
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Personified Doubles and Complementary
Opposites page of this web site or by checking
out the
Flickr portfolio that features the creation
of the work based on "persona splitting" found in
fashion editorials.
I create biographical testimonies, through the
process of creating highly personal images; I
mine popular culture and integrate forms within
fashion photography:  female stereotypes
constructed as balanced archetypes and
prototypes that create a compelling connection
within our cultural identity, which advertisers
encourage us to pursue.  I have noticed I
consistently use blonde and brunette personas
"coupled" together in my compositions.  Seeing
them as one persona that has been split, I saw
this phenomenon in my artwork as mythology
that deserved exploration.

In the work "Night with Dawn and Cupid,"
Giovanni Mannozzi, 1635, Dawn, positioned in a
spiral, rests her head at the base of Night’s
womb.  Symbolic of the equinox the two personas
represent the cosmos.  This metaphor appears
frequently in fashion editorials.  Within these
fashion editorials “twinned” models have similar
facial structures that imply identical identity and
contrasted; they are made fraternal by distinctive
characteristics of hair or skin color.  I believe
“persona splitting” is a powerful fashion editorial
tactic, metaphorically introducing a division in
time, splitting fantasy from linear reality,
encouraging consumers to identify with the
featured personas, thus, priming the reader’s
response to be receptive to ideas and concepts.
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