Day Job exhibition above, The Drawing Center, curated by Nina Katchadourian.  For nformation
on Dawn's latest solo, please read below or download the
exhibition PDF here.
Art Department, above, a work featured in the exhibition Day Job at The Drawing Center, New York and was included
in UAMO Festival 2013 - Playtime, Munich, Germany and the painting was one of many works featured in a solo
exhibition of Dawn Hunter's work at the
Delaware Contemporary Art Center, and is currently on view until
September 26, 2015 at the
Leedy-Voulkos Art Center as part of the Onward:  Kansas City Art Institute Foundation
50th Anniversary
exhibition.  Additionally, Art Department was featured on the cover of literary journal Crazyhorse,
, published by College of Charleston.
Art Department featured on
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Day Job show press
and reviews:
Portrait of Dawn Hunter in her studio, summer 2014.
Above, Blue Cerberus, one of Dawn's works featured in the Upstairs [artspace] exhibition,
Storytellers.  Learn more about the exhibition:  click here.  To learn more about Blue Cerberus
please visit
RECENT EXHIBITIONS:  Left and below are links to the exhibitions, Personified
Doubles and Complementary Opposites
at the Delaware Contemporary Art Center and
Immediate Observations at the University of West Georgia featured on
RECENT ACTIVITY:  Below, is the poster from the international symposium held
at the NIH honoring Santiago Ramón y Cajal featuring a portrait of Cajal by Dawn
Hunter. Left, is one of the works from Dawn Hunter's new series about Santiago
Ramón y Cajal currently on view in an exhibition with original scientific drawings
created by Ramón y Cajal (that are on loan from the Instituto Cajal) at the John
Porter Neuroscience Center of the National Institute of Health, Bethesda, MD.  
Visit dawnhunterart.blogspot to
Above, spread from Jasper magazine featuring new work from Cajal series, click on image to link to the full article.
Above, is an installation shot from solo show at the University of West Georgia.  
Below, are installation shots from solo show at the DCCA.
see most recent studio work.
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